It was nearly 15 months to the day, 31 March 2018 to be precise when Karl (of KR Security Systems) called in at Eithin Bach on a pretty windy day to install the weather station on the chimney stack.  Since then, the weather station has operated pretty well without a glitch, other than from minor outages during various power cuts. 

Similarly, the weather station website has operated smoothly with updates being provided every minute 24 hours per day.  Over the 15 months of operation, the site has received 160,000 hits which is approximately 350 per day.  Not bad for a small Anglesey village and considerably more than I first anticipated.

With the sailing club's centenary year calendar rapidly approaching, I thought it best to do a bit of maintenance on the weather station, such as changing the battery.  There was also an annoying intermittent fault that had been affecting the wind direction sensor over the past few weeks so I thought it best to replace the anemometer unit at the same time.

Karl popped around with his ladders at 8am this morning and it was not long before he was back down, weather station in hand.  We replaced the battery, swapped over the anemometer unit and had a general look around.  All was good, so after a few more tweaks and checks, Karl was back up his ladders and the weather station was back in place.