The RNLI does some fantastic work around the coasts of the UK, so I thought we would set up a campaign to raise funds for this great cause for the entirety of 2020.

Each station has a dedicated team of volunteers who risk all to save people from the sea and around the coastal areas, so please take the time to donate to this great cause by clicking the link below.

Donate to RNLI Campaign for 2020  

This site has been running 24x7 since February 2018 and the service has only been interrupted on a small number of occasions when power cuts or the inevitable technical glitches have occurred.

The site has received an impressive 208,884 hits from 26,379 individual users in 2019, so I have set a fundraising target of £2,638 which is equivalent to 10 pence for every user of the site last year.

For those interested, I have also attached a couple of reports which show where people are when they access the site.  The first shows the breakdown by country (70 different countries in total) and the second shows the breakdown by city (918 different cities in total).

TBWS Users by Country (2019).pdf

TBWS Users by City (2019).pdf