It's been a long time in the making but it is finally here.  Trearddur Bay Sailing Club (TBSC) has attained the tender age of 100 and is as vibrant now as it has ever been.

As Honorary Treasurer, the first weekend was particularly full with the usual start of season committee meeting, various Treasurer-specific duties and, of course, racing Sanderling (the half-rater I sail with David da Cunha, my family and friends) in the initial Cup races.

We did OK, but as always there is room for improvement.  I enjoyed the (now well-rehearsed) eulogy from David about how much faster Herring Gull (the boat David used to sail but has now passed on to his sons Jamie and Olly) is able to move through the water than Sanderling is capable of doing, albeit I do recall that we did not start as well as we might have done that first weekend!

The second weekend of sailing was quite a mixed bag.  We decided to summons assistance from the rescue team as we drifted towards the fangs after a minor error of judgement at the offshore mark, and it took quite some time for us to be towed back into Porth Diana against the tide.  We contemplated our predicament and concluded that we would explain this away as being reconnaissance in anticipation of the Holyhead races (that did not take place) the following Friday.

We did much better on the Saturday race, with a bold port-flyer start that saw us ahead of the fleet at the outset.  Quite impressive I thought and it was therefore a little disappointing that we finished fifth, albeit I must say that we finished ahead of Herring Gull, which was quite satisfying to say the least.

Last weekend saw very little sailing due to adverse weather conditions over Friday and Saturday.  It was therefore a shame that we did not manage to get any sailing in on the Sunday which, at least for us half-rater sailors, would have been great fun.  However, we are a family club and it's all about getting as many people involved as possible.

Sunday was therefore repurposed into a celebration of Shaun Johnson's 60th birthday which we did in true style at the Neill's boatyard.  Postprandial drinks ensued at Eithin Bach to fill the gap before the Centenary fireworks, which were fab, and I must confess to things becoming a tad hazed after those had finished, albeit I do recall that the Seacroft was involved!

Monday was a challenge, with an early start and a journey to Manchester, via Chester so that Sam could get the train to London.  However, the week has gone well and I am now looking forward to what should be another fantastic weekend in Trearddur when I return tomorrow evening.

Looking forward, I shall start to get my thoughts together for my Treasurer's speech at the AGM on the final Bank Holiday weekend.  I also look forward to learning more about the candidates for (and the winner of ) the "Award for Alternative Nautical Endeavour" that Richard Ashworth, ably assisted by Knighty and Ric Naish, will apprise us all of on the final weekend.

I reflect about how privileged I am to be Treasurer at such a momentous time for the Club.  Thank you all for tolerating my idiosyncrasies over the past decade!

[Photos courtesy of various kind folks who have uploaded to facebook]