I have been running the weather station in Trearddur Bay for around two years now and learned last week that the site received a gold award from the Met Office for the consistency and quality of weather data contributions made to the Met Office's Weather Observation Website (WOW) throughout 2019.

I was really pleased with the news, so I thought I would share it here and also provide a bit more information about what goes on behind the scenes of https://weather.trearddurbay.org for those who are interested.

Here goes:

  • The weather station and its two cameras operate 24x7, 365 days a year, except for when the inevitable network issues occur from time to time usually due to adverse weather!
  • The main weather page of the site (https://weather.trearddurbay.org) is updated every minute and now includes a new button which provides access to live wind data which is updated every second.
  • In addition, the site posts data to the following other weather resources:
  • In addition, detailed requests for data have been received from people who are studying specific things, such as the Environmental Department at Anglesey Council. 

There was one day earlier this month when the site was not able to submit data to these sites due to BT upgrading their network and the software on their router.  I hope this will be the only one in 2020 so we can pick up another gold award this year.