There has been quite a lot going on with the site over the past month or two, including two additional cameras now streaming live views of the bay, an events calendar and a newsfeed for people to let the site users to know about interesting things.

I do hope you find these additions helpful.

Some will have noticed that I have also added a couple of other features to the site, promoting Amazon and Revolut.  While I don’t particularly like advertising on websites, since it can be quite intrusive and reduces the utility of sites, I have concluded that it would be helpful to see if it is possible to generate a bit of revenue to help fund the site, the costs of which are not inconsiderable.

I have looked at a number of options and decided to go for the “affiliate” route which basically pays a commission to the site based on transactions that are initiated from the site.

What this means in practice is that whenever people want to buy from Amazon or take out a Revolut card, if they start the process from, then Amazon or Revolut pay a commission to the site, at no cost to the individual.

I thought it best to be transparent about what I am doing, hence this blog post.

I shall reassess the position after Christmas and if it isn’t working or if the general consensus is that people don’t like these additions, then they shall be removed.